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    14 - Day Design Program







  • At the New York Creativity Odyssey (NYCO), we ensure every individual’s success in this competitive world, by offering short-term immersive programs on the most relevant of 21st century learning and innovation skills - from critical thinking, creative problem solving, cross-disciplinary collaboration, and effective communication.

  • Endorsed by Parsons Transdisciplinary Design MFA

    2016 Core77 Service Design Notable Award

  • Design for the 21st-century

    Help you master critical thinking and design methodologies

    through real world challenges and in-person coaching.





















    Industrial Designer, TCL


    "NYCO's program inspired me a lot on design thinking methods and service design tools. I will implement these back in my company."


    Media & Communication, BA 2nd Year


    "NYCO's 3D video making session break the rules of traditional film. Very creative!"


    High School Students


    "NYCO's creative coding session allow me to see the latest trend in creative industry. I found my path through this program."


    Workshop x 30 Ideas

    NYCO teaches you how to use "design thinking and strategy" to solve problems creatively in areas of business management, product & service design, educational & technological design, fashion design and fashion media.

    Visit x 5 World-Class Organizations

    Visit renowned art & design companies and institutions, sit down with senior design directors and learn about the important role of design thinking and strategy in modern businesses.

    Talk x 15 Experts

    NYCO features the following 4 talks on: “Interactive Classroom,” “Smart Fashion,” “Creative Programming,” and “Film Art.” Students will be face to face with the New York Art and Design pioneers, and listen to their personal trans-disciplinary creativity experiences.

    Walk x 53 km

    NYCO brings you to Broadway theaters, MoMA, Cooper Hewitt Museum, Chelsea galleries and boutiques in SoHo. These places epitomize the cultural context of art and design in NYC. Our mentors will share with you behind-the-scene stories and events.

    Reflection x 10 Rounds

    Share ideas, Learn from others, Ignite Creativity

    Special Event

    NYCO sets the stage to take you into the the heart of art and design.

  • Student's Work


    Lara Penin

    Director of Transdisiciplinary Design MFA at Parsons the New School

    Tucker Viemeister

    Industrial Designer, Founder of Viemeister Industries

    Lawrence Abrahamson

    Senior Design Lead at IDEO

    Liz Burow

    Director of Strategy and Discovery, Associate Principal at HLW.

    Sara Kozlowski

    Director of Education and Professional Development at CFDA

    Gene Kogan

    Creative coder and Programmer

    James Clotfelter

    Lighting Designer

    Fiona Raby

    Professor of Design and Emerging Technology

    Co-author of "Speculative Everything"

    Gabi Asfour

    Fashion Designer, threeASFOUR

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